After so much time working with Contentful and Next, I never found a single consistent way of starting a project, and all starters that tried have their own caveats, some are too basic without touching the real problems like handling GraphQL query complexity limits or are too strict. I'm not saying this starter is better as there are many ways to accomplish the same thing when building with these technologies. Anyway, it was a lot of fun building it, exploring the nice features of React SSR inside Next.js, and playing with Contentful content modeling capabilities.


Project is deployed live at


Tech Stack

Main Features

  • Flexible and composable content models

  • SEO ready with Metadata being generated based on specific SEO fields but with fallbacks in place

  • Generation of GraphQL (schema, and types), in sync with the content types via graphql-codegen.

  • Typescript

  • Tailwind CSS via DaisyUI

  • Nextjs SSR components

  • Contentful Live preview